Online iRest®

Connectivity and ongoing support has never been more important. That's why I have created an online platform for my iRest® Yoga Nidra community! . iRest develops the very tools that are vital in these unusual and challenging times -

Improved resilience

Enhanced self-regulation

Capacity to engage in your life as it is.

" After a few months of meditation with Allison, I have been able to manage my anxiety and stress in the moment. I can now recognise the triggers and the feeling in my body, then manage them with breathing and awareness. I have more space between emotions and reactions,, allowing time, however brief, to reflect and respond more mindfully"


Meditation Sessions by Vimeo

Let's face it, sometimes its difficult to commit to ongoing classes when the demands of everyday life, work, or even a crowded home space create meditation road blocks!. That's why I have developed 10 meditation sessions, based on the iRest® protocols and over 20 years experience in meditation and mindfulness practice. These sessions allow you to self pace and create a solid meditation foundation which you can revisit again and again.

"What a gift iRest® is. It is a wonderful tool for creating space in my brain for calmness which allows the messages of wellbeing to be heard and felt with honesty and emotion. Its wonderful that you have provided an online platform that is convenient and easy to access"



Online Health and Wellbeing

Current restrictions have put our face to face consultations on hold. Don't despair, there are many ways to provide continued support via our online platform! I am currently available for the following sessions: Please see links below for more information.

There's also options on quick tune ups or more lengthy consults. I look forward to seeing you soon!